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If you do not want to risk losing crew or passengers to reavers you have at least two valid options: 1.My first game (five players, two of us new) took three hours.Ok, now you know about my gaming experiences so far, at least you should be able to draw a picture about what I encountered on the game and what level of experience I have. II. What I really, really like about the game (1) The game-material is strikingly awesome.And I offer them for playtesting and discussion on this forum.Regardless about what I have written about houserules so far, I have come up with a couple of suggestions on the rules myself.Geekdo, BoardGameGeek, the Geekdo logo, and the BoardGameGeek logo are trademarks of BoardGameGeek, LLC.Spa breaks in Republic of Ireland, Spa hotels and spa weekends in Republic of Ireland from Spabreaks.com 1800 939 113.

As a fan of the show it would be hard for me to stop myself from getting it.Attack each other is covered in the pirate expansion if you are into that.When that becomes too easy (it will), remove the keep flying cards from the decks and flip 1 per turn.I do that a lot with games that have rules that are too restrictive or game breaking.First, I played a number of solo games to get a feel for the game myself.Other things pop out of the thread-- yes, it is not well balanced, but not for the reasons given.

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I bought 12 months packge, $71,88. 400 minutes plus 120 minutes bonus a months. why i not get 120 minutes bonus? check it please and return to me, i need it. please...

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The game mechanics are kind of unforgiving, whch I will write about more a little later. (2) Although you have plenty of opportunity to manage your things and think about strategies to reach the goal, the luck factor is a brutal black widow always waiting to nearly kill you and your strategy.

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The game that I played with my friends today, I made a gamble in the early parts of the mission, and I lost.You kill your captain if you get really bad luck, which morphs into a disgruntle and is easily fixed (if annoying).

db:: 4.96::about 400 minutes packge and 120 minutes bonus ff

Take either of those to actions and you mitigate the risk of reaver attacks.Which allowed him to succeed his misbehaves easily, and thus achieve his goals faster.Good god, I had no idea this game was going to be such a beast.

Basically it is you with your ship and crew doing all kind of freelance businesses - legal, illegal, moral, and immoral ones - competing with other freelancing groups constantly on red alert about the Alliance Cruiser and the Reavers. Sweet. But there is something missing - (see later on).My movement-suggestions is only about keeping the cards away from wearing down too fast, and about reducing the repitive elements to a certain degree.I had to start over working the low-paying jobs, and I was struggling to keep working and keep finding fuel.My cousin and I can play a 2-player game in probably an hour, and have been able to do so since about our third game together.

I tend to agree with you - even with what you write about the movement.

Maybe not flipping a card on your forst move or at least reward players every X jobs with items that can grant free movements.The game CAN take a while -- especially your first few games.The game is very unforgiving, which may result in gamers being kind of very, very dissapointed for a short period of times - I encountered this several times during both game sessions.I know, if this sounds like a repitition with what I wrote above, you are right.

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It is a much deeper Boadgame Design Analysis, with many valid points.Kinda like poker or something, once you reach a certain skill level, the cards often determine the winner.

Monopoly, life, talisman, chess, --- pick your favorite classic game, all take longer than firefly does (once you learn it).

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